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Now Abhra from Kolkata, Moumita from Bangalore, Bijoy from Dhaka, Shatabdi from Chicago and countless BENGALIS from all over the world can tune to the same radio station!PRESENTINGRadio BongOnetThe first of it's kind internet based radio station from Kolkata connecting millions of Bengalis across the globe!Apnar priyo gaan er thikana ekhon, Radio BongOnet.The station broadcasts a bunch of individual channels dedicated to various popular forms of Bengali music, poetry and other artistry as well as caters to the needs of listeners with special interests that are often not adequately served by local radio stations through it's interactive radio programmes on a daily basis.Loko-gaan to Rock-er taan. Din raat BongOnet bajan!Channel Details"Radio BongOnet"! is a platform for budding / independent musicians to be heard worldwide! Alongside it also plays contemporary bengali songs.Stalwarts like Rupam Islam for "RADIO BANGLA ROCK"! dedicated to Bangla Rock music and Bratati Bandyopadhyay for "KOBITA ONLINE" dedicated to Bengali Poetry are putting their best to ensure an exclusive programming for the respective channels.Be it Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Kawali, Bhadu, Tushu, Jhumur or any genre / subgenre of Bengali Folk Music."FOLKLORE"! Our dedicated channel for Folks of Bengal serves the rare of the rarest alongside noesis of urban Bauls."GO YESTERYEARS"! Our dedicated channel for golden retros is the one stop destination for them who loves Kobi gaan, Raag prodhan gaan, Sorno-juger gaan, Baithaki gaan etc.Download the app now and Join the fastest growing network of Bengalis across the globe!Developed by DriveBird Network
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Radio BongOnet - Aathero ana, Bangaliyana!
Wishes you a happy listening experience on the go!
You can reach us via e-mail at
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