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n The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

From The Descriptions In The Quran We Know That:

Allah (God) Has No Children, No Parents and No Partners

Allah (God) Has Always Existed and Will Always Exist

Allah (God) Was Not Created, He Is The Creator of All That Exists

Allah (God) Knows Everything,

Allah (God) Can Do Anything

Allahs (Gods) Justice Is Fair

Allah (God) Is The Most Merciful

Only Allah (God) Is Worthy of Worship

There Is Nothing Comparable To Him

If Everything in Heavens and Earth

(From First to Last, Mankind and Jinn, Living and Dead)

Were To Stand In One Place and Ask Allah For Their Needs, and Allah Were to Give Them What They Asked For

This Would Not Decrease of What He Has by Even An ATOMS WEIGHT
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