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Yasin Nuru ያሲን ኑሩ
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Yassin Nuru Essa is an inspiring Preacher he was born by the year 1977 in North Gonder – Ethiopia he has a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management from International Leadership Institute –Faculty of Leadership & Management in 2010
Ustaz Yassin Nuru has done numerous Islamic Preaching (daw’a) albums to Ethiopian Muslim society .He also delivers talks and lectures for Ethiopian Muslims in different part of the world, in USA, Dubai Sweden ,Germen, South-Africa Sudan ,Qatar and in different mosques and Islamic centers all over Ethiopia .
Ustaz Yassin Nuru is currently owner and managing Director of Al-risalah Islamic audiovisual.
He is also Board member and founder of many Islamic organizations and Islamic NGO’s like
Al- Nure islamic social service center Ruhal
Al- Islam Islamic foundation
Sekina marriage and family counseling organization.
Yassin Nuru has also appeared on different Islamic satellite channels like:-TV-AFRICA, EBS(Bilal show) and numerous interviews with magazines and news papers like (Al-islam, Islamic issues, AL-kelem, Lukeman, Selefia, AL-kudes) In addition to his interesting preaching’s Ustaz Yassin Nuru Published a book called” ” in 2010. Ustaz Yassin Nuru is undertaking his Master in leadership At Greenwich University, England
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