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Hextech Set Simulator

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Collect, forge and open chests with this Hextech Crafting simulator from the popular MOBA League of LegendsOpen chests to obtain fragments, update them and complete your collection. You can also download your favorite champion's set when unlocking!Manage your resources, upgrade your power and try your luck, with 150 weapons for your favorite league of legend champions conquer to get.Open chests with loot system, boxes with surprises, try your luck in this lol simulator.Forge loot boxes and your own sets, improve your collection in lol nexus.More than 150 champion weapon sets are waiting for you. Can you get them all? A fantasy full of epic achievements!Your favorite creatures from the lol saga in one place, full of fantasy, fights, arena modifications, nexus and elixir.Collect weapons, equipment, and sets. Grow your inventory.A closet of fantastic equipment for you to collect. open the hextech chests.Consumable relics from nexus, weapons and fantastic equipment for collectors in the lol arena saga.There are more than 140 hextech chests and different sets for you to win, boxes with incredible and rare gifts from your moba game.The most popular saga in the world in a simulator where you can open loot boxes, from the arena battle, conquer this fantasy world.Prizes and rewards will lead you to the victory of the nexus. an incredible collection of the most well-known arena battle in the world, Achievements for you!* For you who are a fan of magic and witchcraft, you will love this enchanted world! You can* the best of all !!! to capture rare and epic weapons, wands, equipment and artifacts in this fantasy universe, conquer all the power within you!* Magic world, unlock magic items and expand your collection, unravel the mysteries for you to have fun at home or anywhere.* A hint of fun for your daily life, together the magic happens!* Here you find the most powerful items in the world, check the list:-> Powerful Wands.-> armor, swords, spears, shields-> Fastest brooms in the world.-> Magic sporting goods.-> Powerful relics.-> Rare and mysterious items.powerful objects.To play with friends, discover the fonts first, new and different!Ideal for weak mobile, a top game for you to download, in the offline world!please have fun, game ideas!* Note: This app is not affiliated with Riot Games or League of Legends Moba. This is a simulator / game and will NOT provide any content for your League of Legends Moba account. game Developed by fans and players.

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