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FreFlight™ The Multi-Tool of all Aeronautical Web Browsers™
Self brief and get linked to an official briefing. File and update yourself for your proposed flight!!!
This app was developed by a CFII/MEI with the conscientious, frugal pilot in mind. The idea is to familiarize yourself with the conditions for your proposed flight, get an official flight briefing – then file your flight plan if necessary. If you file IFR, you can check on your most likely assigned routing. In any case, you can update yourself with info as required. Some of this browser's linked pages contain content that may serve more than one purpose. For example: the first link that may be used to view TFR Graphics can also be used for general navigation planning purposes. It is suggested that you become familiar with these websites and all they may have to offer.

General Disclaimer:

The links suggested by this browser may be used in conjunction with other pre-flight information sources needed to satisfy all the requirements of 14 CFR 91.103, however, any one of these links alone are not to be considered as a sole source of information to meet all required pre-flight action. Installation or use of this application constitutes agreement by, or on the behalf of the end user to hold any party associated with FreFlight harmless and release from liability the creator of FreFlight, as well as the application's developer(s) facilitators and hosts. All links provided by the browser contain proprietary content wholly owned by the parties that own each respective website. Neither FreFlight, nor it's developer are associated with any of the content on the linked webpages. The developer of FreFlight has no ownership of any of the brands or trademarks associated with the linked webpages. If any portion of this disclaimer is found to be prohibited by law, all remaining language herein shall be presumed legally protective and or enforceable. For live assistance with flight planning & and filing, call Flight Services @ 800-992-7433.

Safe, happy flying!!!
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