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The Online Classifieds To Find Stuff To Buy And Sell in Your Location. Keep Connected With Sellers And Buyers With Instant Chat.FeaturesInstant live chatWithout any mediators, the buyers can have a live chat with the sellers of the product directly and instantly through this instant live chat feature of our Classifieds Center.Chat templatesBoth sellers and buyers can show their purpose by making use of the default text templates that are available on the chat window.Chat blockTo stop receiving messages from any specific user, our Advanced Classifieds Ads Center Website includes this chat block option to block that user on the chat window.Image and Location shareWith these striking features in our Latest Classifieds Ads Center, sellers can share the image of their products and buyers can share their location on a chat window.Urgent promotionsSellers can make use of urgent promotions to get more chances of selling a product as they can list their products on all available spaces where they are more likely to be viewed by the buyers.Ad promotionsAdmin can pave the way for boosting the sale of a product through ad promotions. This will grab the attention of more buyers quickly and easily.Exchange To BuyIf a buyer wishes to exchange his product with the other one, he/she can begin an exchange request with the corresponding seller of the product.Giving awayIf a seller decides to sell any product at free of cost, then he can list that product under this interesting section of our Advanced Classifieds Ads Center without mentioning the price.Follow and FollowingClassifieds Ads Center allows buyers to follow their preferred sellers on the platform and thereby able to purchase at ease.Invite FriendsShare the Invite/Join links on social networks and invite your friends to use your platform. This activity will drive more traffic to the platform.Product ShareFor promoting products, Classifieds Ads Center includes an option for sharing the products on various social media platforms. This, in turn, grabs more looks easily.Make offerWith this stunning feature of our Classifieds Ads Center, buyers can request for product offers from the sellers on the platform. Sellers will receive notification for each and every request made.Accept & DenyWith every request made for product offers by buyers, sellers can either accept or reject the offer request with just a single click.Product ConditionTo ease the purchasing process of the buyers, sellers can describe the listed products as new or old and can also effectively manage the product listings.Likes and commentsUsers of Classifieds Ads Center can like and comment on the product which builds the credibility of the product and can also be used by other buyers while purchasing.Product ViewsThis feature here at Classifieds Ads Center contains each and every single piece of information regarding the product listing to assist buyers such as name, views, category, time the product is uploaded, and many more.NotificationsUsersWith the help of the push notification feature, the buyers and sellers are notified immediately regarding the text messages that are sent over the chat window.Product popularityThe product popularity will be shown as high or low depending on its reach among users. With this, sellers can involve in future product promotional activities.Product viewsWith this feature, sellers can know the individual and the total number of views for their products. The product views will also be represented graphically on a weekly and monthly basis and then will be displayed to the sellers.User engagementSellers can track the likes and comments for their products under this interesting feature here at Classifieds Ads Center. The number of users who are in search of product offers will also be shown to the sellers.LocationUsers can search for products and sellers near to their location with this location-based search feature of our Advanced Classifieds Ads Center.
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