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Make Money with 2Captcha

Great app to use!! Fill in some captcha's whenever you have the time and cash out!!

Questions?? Here are some with answers :

Which is the minimal withdrawal amount?

I have requested a withdrawal. When am I going to get it?
We deliver payments on week days, once a day.

What payment method do you use?
You can currently use PayPall, Payza & WebMoney

Will you add Yandex.Money and WMZ to your payment methods?
Yes, it’s coming soon.

CAPTCHAs are cheap and there are few of them.
The average fee for one solved CAPTCHA varies. It depends on the number of CAPTCHAs that come to the service and the number of workers online. The fee goes down when there are more workers rather than CAPTCHAs.

My referral has already earned 0.2 USD and I still did not get my referral commission. Why?
Affiliate earnings are distributed at night. Check your statistics tomorrow morning.

I have submitted two withdrawal requests on the same day. Which one will come to my purse first?
Payments are made once a day, every week day, in order of preference. If you have submitted two withdrawal requests, both will be processed at the same time.

Why is the money suspended?
If your CAPTCHA text didn’t match and the webmaster got another CAPTCHA, the webmaster can complaint about this CAPTCHA. The bid you have earned with this CAPTCHA is suspended. You can check your solved CAPTCHAs list and let us know if the webmaster was wrong when complaining about the CAPTCHA. If you see that this specific CAPTCHA was solved correctly and the text matches with the image, hit the “All correct” button. This way, your CAPTCHA will go to the moderator who can check if the CAPTCHA was solved correctly. Please note: use the “All correct” button when the CAPTCHA is solved correctly, indeed.


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