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All in One - Myanmar Marketplaces Daily Update (Forex/Gold Trade)

(1) Thein Phyu Money Changer Center (TPMCC) - Official Forex Exchange Rates & List
(2) Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) - Daily Exchange Rates Comparison & List
(3) Singapore to Yangon - SGD Remittance Rates & List
(4) Banks/Authorized Money Exchange Counters - Forex Quotes & List
(5) Myanmar Gold Shops - Price Quotes & List
(6) Myanmar Trade Markets - All of FX/Golds/Transfer Rates & List
(7) Online Shop officially Affiliated with (Gmarket Singapore)
(8) NCDG - Charity Donation Group Myanmar
(9) Community Forum (Myanmar Journals Download)
(10) Live Currency Converters
(11) Predict Myanmar Gold Price comparison with World Gold Price

* App Version - Latest updated on: 7-9-2013 (2:30PM-UTC+08:00)

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