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Cult Places, Lieux de Culte,Luoghi di Culto,Kult Plätze.
Keltenschanzen, Berge, Haine, Baeume, Waelder, Gewaesser, Quellen
Geologische merkwuerdige Plaetze
Celts hills, mountains, trees, trees, forests, waters, sources
Geological strange places
Celtes collines, les montagnes, les arbres, les arbres, les forêts, les eaux, les sources
Endroits étranges géologiques
Colline Celti, montagne, alberi, alberi, foreste, acque, sorgenti
Luoghi strani Geologiche,
wicca, witch, Sorcere, hexen, pagan, samhain, yule, imbolc, ostara, beltane, litha, lughnasad, lammas, mabon, ritual, magie, zauber, charm, spell, jahreskreisfeste, gothic,incantation,witchery,enchantment,magic,zauber,asatru,esoteric,esoterik
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