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Fruits 2048 Puzzle
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The Fruits 2048 is just like the the classic 2048 puzzle to give you a fun and addictive game by grouped numbers together's puzzle game.
BUT Fruits 2048 is innovative than number puzzle, this is to everyone without RESTRICTED AGE, it is also best for very very young kids to play by then lead to open their brain potentials, rebuild their thinking energy and unblock the thinking limited via they play it through the colors and shapes instead of just the numbers.

Swipe the fruit Up, Down, Left or Right to move. When two same fruits joined together, they merge into one and transforms to another kind of fruit. Final achievement is to transform the fruit to "Big Fruits HAT", just like 2048 game 2..4..8..16...1024.. 2048. From beginning, you may need to see the attached number on graphic, the longer time you play, you would needless to see the numbers and the growing the faster thinking that you will be noticed.
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