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This is the free version of Singapore 4D and Toto Forecasts App by Master Charles Chia. He is the Founder, Publisher and Author of Singapore's most popular lottery magazine, 4D Winning Box.

Your favourite Singapore's magazine, 4-D WINNING BOX, has also come in a form of this 4D-Toto Forecast App. Now, you can access all his tips and forecasts on the go, whenever and wherever you want it.

This App consists of Special 4D Tips, 4 Boxes, Choice of The Month, Lucky Stars, 4D Master Special, Toto Wheel 21, Toto Wheel 12 and Hits Summary.

It provides much more information than the printed magazine, such as weekly updates, recommended direct numbers and Forecasts versus Results.

We are currently developing major enhancements to this App. This new App will have 4D Draw Result history, Interactive 4D Analysis, Most Frequent 4Ds, Most OverDue 4Ds. etc.

It will also include most of the features in the existing App, ie. 4D-Toto App, such as 4D Tips, 4 Boxes, COTM, Lucky Stars 4D and 4D Master Special. This new user-friendly and intuitive 4D App will certainly give user a more useful tool in both 4D analysis and forecast. We are sure you will like it.

Meanwhile, please give us your rating on this App and your valued feedback for improvement.

4D Master Team
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