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ISP Ping Tool
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Internet Packet Grouper (ISP) Ping. Internet speed test. Make my PC fast again resources. Internet+connection data+link. Check your upspeed. Free resources. Repair tools. Many service providers advertise fast internet connection. Check that you are getting what you are paying for.
A ping will do a test to a remote server to check for information packet loss or drop while in transfer. This will determine your net-work speed and then you can compare it to the service speed you are supposed to receive. Packets is the way information is transferred from the servers to your computer. IPv4 and IPv6 are now both used. The original IPv4 system ran out of ip address and this was the reason for the formation of the IPv6 internet. The packets used on the IPv6 system can contain much more information. Also many more ip addresses are available. Most modern browsers and servers can handle either system but that is not guaranteed your service provider uses them both.
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