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Well, be welcome if you decide to participate in this community focused on the music production made in Music Maker Jam, and more some related issues to music. And since we are rational animals living in group, here are some rules:


1 - Forbidden the disclosure of some social network (your), which is not focused to demonstrate your musical talents (for example, you can disclose your Facebook or channel on YouTube, but you will have to be demonstrating your ability at Music Maker Jam).

2 - Forbidden the publication of things that deviate the attention of our goal (which focuses on music production at Music Maker Jam). But let's be honest, we also need distraction, so please, be something that is involved with music, such as memes, criticism (constructive), animations with a music of his authorship, etc.

3 - Forbidden to offend some member who is beginner, who has little experience in Music Maker Jam. And also without affront to the most skillful, remember that they can be their help and reason for persistence, don't be boring, okay?

4 - In chat groups, we allow the conversation free, as long as it is left clear in the title of the chat that the chat is to entertainment, we will be arranged. Avoid disagreements, controversial themes, spread hate and chaos.

5 - Forbidden the disclosure of some other app without the permission of leaders. If this is done, know that we will find you... we will find you...

6 - Content of non-education people are prohibited (+18). We do not accept this type of content, be aware, otherwise it will be punished. There are several places that accept that type of content, but this community does not fit into this issue, Control your hand, boy!
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