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 " Brossard Chinese School is an association that aims to promote Chinese history, culture, language to everyone of any ages, any gender, any race, any religious beliefs. [We] teach in both traditional script and simplified script depending on the preferences of those who want to learn. Recently, [we] started teaching French and English too. [We] plan on teaching other languages once [we] gather more people. [Our] true goal is to unite everyone and teach everybody all the different languages so everyone can communicate everywhere on this very planet. Countries communicate a lot with each other, but inside the country, a lot of people only speak their homeland language. This association wants to teach everyone, a few extra languages, so everyone can communicate with each other. [We] organize summer camps for people who are busy in the winter. [Our} latest project has been an Open House with many activities and games to celebrate [our] 25th anniversary. "
- J.L via NewsActivist
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