Asia ku_10155306

Aplikasi ini adalah sebuah aplikasi khusus anak asia

Shreya Tech Gadget_10155316

Get Latest Interesting Techniques With Watermelon Video Updates

Real bottle shoot_10155318

This game is very interesting and no chargeble.


Visi : Menjadi Cahaya yang menerangi insan manusia Misi : Menerangi insan manusia melalui : pengetahuan, kebiasaan, usaha dan kreativitas yang diwujudkan dalam kemampuan melakukan usaha yang membawa kemandirian, kesejahteraan dan keadilan

VAS HOME_10155321

Electrical work - Plumbing Work - Painting Work


Dashboard Informasi Kepegawaian Kabupaten Pemalang

Village Market_10155324

Farmers to sell the produce at a better rate .Problem statement in Description System that provides farmers an interface to sell their produce , and connect with the buyers all over India o Simple interface that works on mobile, SMS to upload produce details and respond via phone and SMS (taking care of digital divide) o Interface for anyone to buy the produce/vegetable – initially visit the place and buy or have courier service integrated to deliver the vegetables o Farmers can get a better price for their produce, no additional cost spent in marketing and delivery of goods , however they can choose to charge more by delivering the items themselves. Purpose of this analysis and who will benefit o Farmers, Restaurant owners, Buyers , Courier Companies, Delivery Agencies, Vegetable Vendors How does it help the nation Better rates for the vegetables, Make the Farmers live with pride and make additional income. Practical and reasons why this idea could be a challenge Brokers , Govt rules Overall profitability in the deal for the buyer to purchase directly from farm , excluding transportation.


Game edukasi untuk meningkatkan mototik anak dan ketrpatan berfikir

Pembelajar IPS_10155331

Berbagi Perangkat Pembelajaran, Metode Pembelajaran, LKPD, TTS, Penilaian, Latihan Soal UKG IPS, PPG, OSN, UN Ekonomi

Hunt it_10155332

Here is a funny and simple game. We can feel real life fishing.

Lovely Browser_10155335

It very good browser for private browsing

Sambungan Pipa_10155345

Toko online sambungan pipa pertama di indonesia. Memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik dan paling memuaskan untuk anda.

Avi Quiz Game_10155346

di aplikasi ini pengguna untuk menebak setiap gambar yang ada


this app allows you to scan your food to know if the food is safe to eat . It also allows you to scan your body for any diseases that can harm your body.

DC ONLINE_10155349

Distributor Menjual produk makanan & Minuman


This App For Entertelmen Perpas Enjoy And Play

ATRAKTA call_10155353

اتصال بين فريق عمل اتراكتا

New Video editor_10155354

This app best video editor and big video quality

M net browser_10155357

This browser is a safe browser you can trust this browser

متجر قطر الالكنروني_10155360

متجر لبيع المنتجات والاكسس وارات والملابس المسائيه والرجاليه والاطفال

NI SYSTEMS_10155364


Kids colouring_10155374

This app gives entertainment for kids

ZM Poetry_10155375

ZM Poetry Zee - Gujranwala Pakistan, Gujranwala, Pakistan-52250 - Rated 5 based on 1 Review "Very Good and Fabulous this page"


RICHENTREPRENEURS vous aide à créer et à développer votre entreprise pour la rendre rentable, pérenne et prospère. Tout cela est possible grâce à nos stratégies marketing et commerciales qui fonctionnent à tous les coups et des méthodes et astuces en béto


Established in 1989 and headquartered in Guangzhou,South Precision Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a professional and leading enterprise in the surveying industry, whose five affiliated factories specialized in R&D and manufacturing and selling different kinds of surveying products, including Total Station, Electronic Theodolite, Electronic Distance Meter, Automatic Level, Laser Level, Reflector Prisms, surveying accessories, GPS receivers, Mapping Software, etc.

ANISHA live vedio call and chat_10155393

Hi..Im shafik.this is my frist app

Photo Editor_10155397

Here you can edit your photos and you can be a professional photo Editor


Pengalaman dan jelajah yang sangat luas

GDS Gurukul_10155400

This app is only for Entertainment.

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