Fish live or Die_7993201

Điều khiển chú cá của bạn bằng các click vào màn hình điện thoại để chú cá bơi lên, không click thì chú cá bơi xuống, tránh va chạm vào đá ngầm, nếu va chạm cá sẽ chết, vượt qua các tảng đá ngầm thì điểm của bạn tang lên. Hãy chơi game xem điểm tối đa của bạn là bao nhiêu?

Bombay Stock Exchange_7993206

(Bombay Stock Exchange) - LIVE stock/share market updates from Asia's premier stock exchange. Get all the current stock/share market news; real-time information to investors on S&P BSE SENSEX, stock quotes, indices, derivatives and corporate announcements.

Surah Yaasiin_7993218

Read Yaasiin in Arabic .. Latin and More May Allah blessing you




،موقع إخباري جزائري يرصد آخر أخبار الجزائر والعالم لحظة بلحظة وبكل موضوعية نقدم لك المعطيات والمعلومات حول ما يدور في الساحة الجزائرية ، نمس مختلف الميادين من سياسة ورياضة ومجتمع وترفيه ونمكن القراء من الحصول على المعلومة الصحيحة من مصدرها

Dragon Hunter_7993254


Coding Comic Pi_7993259

Would you like to learn how to code, using a new, easy and fun way of learning? This comic book shows you how to start Coding, with Scratch, on your Raspberry Pi. (Raspberry Pi is the budget computer used in schools). It is from the comic 'Laugh and Learn Raspberry Pi', which also teaches you how to connect it, and how to code in Python. When you have swiped up or down to read the comic, you can play an arcade game. This replaces the picture puzzles and jokes in the 'Laugh and Learn Raspberry Pi' comic. •The comic makes Coding so easy that even a child could understand it, but it is suitable for everyone, including pupils, students, teachers and the busy. If you do not speak English well, it teaches by pictures. It ideal for ages 8-15 years and younger, who would find the books on the subject hard to read. •Learn all about the exciting new school subject of Coding. It covers the Raspberry Pi, one of the main computers of IoT (Internet of Things). •You learn by cartoons with speech bubbles. •You are taught by reading stories in comic book form. •Topics from Computing in the National Curriculum are included. •It is written by a team led by a published author of many Paperback Books (all educational), such as the bestselling Brainteasers range of books, that also teaches you to program (code).

كتب الشيخ أحمد ديدات_7993263

مجموعة كتب للشيخ أحمد ديدات للقراءة بدون انترنت الشيخ أحمد ديدات داعية العصر متخصص في مقارنة الأديان وأسلم على يديه نفر كثير رحمه الله رحمة واسعة كتب متنوعة لداعية العصر الشيخ ديدات كتاب من دحرج الحجر كتاب سيرتي ومسيرتي وكتب اخرى


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Mikrop AR_7993296

Kameranla Gördügün Mikropları Öldür.

Go tech_7993297

To give latest technology news and to make the world know about the new technology coming in the whole world and to know about it so that if the whole world see it the Will not be confused and the Will be willing to know more of the application thank you

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