How to Solve the Competition Problem in Digital Marketing

Are you a digital marketer looking to improve your marketing to get more conversions? Such efforts need to have special results that you should be looking to use for better conversion. So, you can read about some of the top methods to get more results if you have competition.

We will discuss mobile SEO, website speed, contests, and guest posting. At the same time, you can read about profile optimization and content creation strategies. The article will help you understand how you can beat the competition heat with digital marketing.  

Mobile SEO and Website Speed

Mobile SEO can be really beneficial to get you more results for your digital marketing. So, you can try to improve your mobile SEO to get more results. Some tips that can improve your results when competing with others are:

  • Make sure that you provide overall better performance as a marketer.
  • Try to figure out what people use your website for.
  • Also, make sure that you know your goals and work towards getting them.
  • Ensure that you offer extra value for your mobile users.
  • At the same time, it should have easy touch navigation.

Your website should also be fast loading and it happens with two things. Number one, you should have the best web hosting and use optimized images. At the same time, you can try using some cache plugins to improve your speed issues. 

Moreover, you should try using accelerated mobile pages for this purpose. These strategies not only boost site speed but also play a vital role in search optimisation, helping your website rank better in search engine results.

Your website should be readable and responsive and it should be easy for Google to index it. Make sure that your data is structured and that you use fewer redirects for your website. 

Using Contests May Help

Contests are a perfect way to get more social media results for your marketing, so use them well. There are several types of contests that you can use for the purpose:

  • Try comment and win contests
  • You can try using caption contests as well
  • Use fill-in-the-blanks contests
  • Also, you can try using photo contests and visual post content

You must promote the contests once you have started them. Make sure that you set goals and budget to perform well in these contests. Then, you should choose social platforms and find the length and frequency of contests.  

You can analyze and improve results once your contest is done.

Guest Posting

Guest posts are the best type of link building you can do for your website. So, make sure that the website that publishes your content has:

  • It should be a website relevant to your niche.
  • Make sure that it is a high authority website.
  • You can try finding the top bloggers in your industry and use search operators for the purpose. 
  • Using tools and social media platforms can help you get more guest posts from high-authority websites.

Make sure that you choose the right topics for your guest posts and create amazing content. 

Optimize Your Profiles 

Optimizing your social media profiles can help improve your results against your competitors. So, you should use the same name for every social platform. Make sure that your brand name is clear and use the same picture and logo for each channel.

At the same time, you can get more results if you optimize your bio section. Getting more likes on Instagram or other platforms can help you get better results. So, you can try to build your presence by getting the right type of people.

Try to buy Instagram likes uk to make your content super special and get results with that. Also, you can try using branded hashtags and make your name SEO friendly.


EAT or expertise, authority and trustworthiness is a great formula to use for better content marketing. Google uses this method and criteria to find out about your content online. There are several algorithms that determine the results you may get.

So, make sure that you use high-quality content and have expertise in the niche you are writing in. Make sure that you perfectly beat your competitors by using the EAT formula. 

Google believes in EAT with more intensity when you are looking to write in a YMYL niche. YMYL is your money, your life websites, like legal advice, news, medical advice, and finance. 

At the same time, you should contribute to high-quality websites. A trick would be to get your name in the content and use smaller blogs that big editors follow. Doing such content marketing will work better when you are looking to reach more people.

Also, make sure that you write the content your competitors do not have. It will surely help you get a good ranking on search engines and improve your sales and other conversions. 

Make sure that your page content matches your website content.

Also, ensure that you use long-form content and answer all queries you think a reader will have in mind. Make sure that you keep updating your page from time to time to improve your content. 

Growth Services

Using growth services can improve your social media presence with more chances to improve your results. You can try using these social media services to enhance your credibility and get more sales. Using these services will improve your marketing results and make your content super impressive. Social Followers UK is one of the best companies that provide growth services. Try to get these services to make your content special and impressive. 

Final Thoughts 

We discussed some of the top methods that you can use to beat your digital marketing competitors. Using growth services, EAT formula, and optimizing your profile can help improve your marketing.

At the same time, you can try guest posts, and mobile-friendly, plus fast-loading websites. Moreover, you should try using contests to beat your competitors. So, try to use all of these methods to improve your marketing and get results for your content creation.