A Beginner’s Guide To Different Types Of Logo Design

If you are a graphic designer working with marketing companies or a product company, at some point, you will be asked to make a logo. In fact, every company needs a logo as it stands for its brand. When creating a logo, there are many elements to consider. The creation of a logo takes the consideration of colour, typography, graphical elements, fonts etc. There are different types of logo designs, and you can experiment with the styles to make the perfect logo design. The first thing you need to know about logo design is that the logo is what represents the company in a very compact way. 

Why Is a Logo Important? 

The logo plays a very small but significant part in deciding the future of the company. The logo plays a vital part in maintaining your company’s image and reputation, making it a success. If you have a small company, you might not have a full-fledged design team for your logo. This could be a problem, and here you can find more services that solve such problems with ease. Your company can also hire graphic designers that are well-trained in logo design. 

Types of logo design 


The wordmark design is a very frequently used logo design for companies. For example, the Coca-Cola logo, which is recognised by 94 percent of the world’s population, is a wordmark logo. To create a good wordmark design, always go for custom-made wordmarks with unique typography. The user should see your brand and not any other company in the wordmark logo. You can choose the type of font, design, shadow, and shape to convey the message. Try to reflect your brand’s personality and values through the wordmark. The letterforms used in the wordmark should be clear and easy to recognise and understand. Do not go for a long wordmark, as it can look cluttered and confusing. If you are using one-word designs for the logo, there might be a better impact. 

Letter mark 

Letter marks and monograms are created from the company’s initials. The monograms or letter marks leave a better impact on the mind of the user as they are easy to see and very emphatic. The design is usually very simple and easy to master. Moreover, monograms and letter marks are easy to incorporate with products as they are small and uncomplicated. This type of logo can be on visiting cards, packages, websites and even on the loading icon of the sites. There are many clever ways of using such compact logos. The few letters can be combined in different ways to create a design that is emphatic and also creates a greater meaning. When designing such logos, the designer can retain more simplicity by using monochrome schemes. In fact,  more than 75 percent of the logos in the world are made of one or two colour schemes. Sometimes, you can create a lettermark for your company alongside a wordmark to create brand presence and build recognition. 

Symbolic logo

A symbolic logo or pictorial representation of a brand is also a clever way of representing a brand. Pictorial logos are usually used by brands that are well-recognised by customers. For example, you can easily recognise the half-eaten fruit of knowledge as the Apple Logo. The Nike Swoosh is also one of the most recognised logos in the world. However, new brands should not immediately shift to symbolic or pictorial logos as they have minimal recognition. The logo design can be literal or conceptual to deliver an important message and be in line with the brand message. If you are aiming for a multinational, multicultural brand, the pictorial representation of a brand is the best logo. You may use an AI logo generator for a faster process. A way of building early recognition is to pair the pictorial representation with a wordmark in the early years. Once brand recognition is built, you can drop the wordmark and only go with the pictorial representation. The dropping of the name and only going for a symbol completely simplifies the representation. 

Combination mark 

A combination mark is also well-preferred by companies around the world. Combination mark include the use of typography and symbolic representation. The combination mark includes both text and imagery. These types of logos allow a lot of room for experimentation and creativity in the creation process. A combination mark is a versatile type of logo which can be used by new and old companies. This helps in establishing the brand image and reputation. Established companies use combination marks because their elements can be broken down into parts and used in different ways in different things. The wordmark part can be used as a watermark for formal use, while the pictorial part can be used for app branding, website elements and even on merchandise, such as t-shirts or hoodies, and visiting cards. However, the combination mark has many elements, and the graphic designer has to carefully plan the design to avoid clutter. The different elements should come together in harmony and not cause confusion. The design team has to pay a lot of attention to different parts of the logo. The different parts should be balanced to create one imagery. 


Emblems are the more traditional choices when it comes to logo design. Emblems are like crests and badges, so they have a vintage charm and unique impact on your audience. Emblems have an official feel that is preferred by private and public companies. Emblems are also used by educational institutions like universities and schools. The emblem is tricky to make, but once it is made, it can make its own space in the market. The emblems include illustrations that are very simple and easily visible in any size. 

Whether you wish to go for a more classic design or an abstract design, you can do so with the help of the basic principles of logo design. The design should be clear and very easy to see and understand. The logo design should relate to the brand and the customer base the brand targets through it. A logo can be the start of your brand awareness strategy and will constantly play a pivotal role in your company’s promotions. If you need to make a logo that entices people, for example, for your blog, you can use free blog logo maker.