9 WooCommerce Plugins Entrepreneurs Should Use

Working on a WooCommerce store

It is no secret that many ecommerce store owners build their stores on WooCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce solutions available.

WooCommerce is supported by WordPress, which is the most popular content management system.

When you add the fact that there are a plethora of great WooCommerce plugins to customize your website and make it stand out more, it makes even more sense to give WooCommerce a try.

The purpose of this article is to cover some of the best plugins that you should use on your WooCommerce store as an entrepreneur.

#1 – MonsterInsights

To run a successful ecommerce business after migrating to WooCommerce, you need to keep track of customer behavior and collect data. Similarly, keeping an eye on your competition is also considered a good approach, and what better way to do that than by using actual numbers to make smart and weighted decisions?

MonsterInsights is just the tool to help you uncover the ins and outs of customer behavior on your website and inform you what should become a priority. Making the right decisions will be much easier when you have the data to back up your choices.

#2 – PushEngage

Sending reminders to a shopper is one of the best ways to improve conversions. Quite a few shoppers proceed to add goods or services to a shopping cart but fail to complete the transaction. 

The reasons for such disruptions vary, but a good example would be adding a product to a shopping cart and getting distracted by something, and then closing the browser. The product remains in the shopping cart, and there is no telling when and if the shopper will actually complete the transaction.

PushEngage enables an automatic setup that sends notifications to shoppers who abandon their shopping carts. 

The tool can also work as a newsletter of sorts. If a website visitor enables push notifications on their device, they will receive an email about a new blog post or an upcoming sale.

When creating a notification system with PushEngage, make sure that you do not abuse the tool. If site visitors want to disable notifications or reduce their frequency, they should have these options available to them. Forcing spam will only backfire.

#3 – MobileLoud Canvas

Considering how popular mobile shopping is, it is a bit surprising how more ecommerce businesses are ignoring the option to develop a mobile iOS and Android app.

Sure, one could argue that mobile-friendly themes are enough for shoppers who use smartphones and tablets, but a dedicated app is more intuitive and easier to use.

Perhaps the costs associated with developing and maintaining an app are off-putting, which is understandable for smaller businesses. 

MobileLoud is an alternative approach to sorting out the mobile app issue. You can use this plugin to convert your WooCommerce website into an app. Doing so will help you avoid costs and other inconveniences that come with developing a mobile app.

#4 – PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Signing an invoice manually

The purpose of this plugin is to attach PDF invoices to emails. Individuals might not need an invoice or a packing slip, but the same cannot be said about businesses that often order goods in bulk and need documents as proof for their record keeping.

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips is a straightforward plugin that is easy to implement and use. Streamlining the process of creating and sending invoices and packing slips is a great way to save yourself the time that you would need to dedicate to managing everything manually.

#5 – Multilingual

It is possible that a significant portion of your customers come from a specific country that speaks a specific language. 

In the case of English, it is a worldwide language, and most shoppers should be familiar with it, especially if they found your store via Google search.

But what about those consumers who are not that great at English (or another language, for that matter)? Giving up on them means a profit loss.

Multilingual is a plugin to translate website components into different languages. If someone visits your website and wishes to manually translate articles, product descriptions, etc. into their native tongue, they will have such an option.

Of course, you should not expect Multilingual to translate everything perfectly. Artificial intelligence has not advanced that far to replicate professional human translators. Nevertheless, Multilingual should still be enough to navigate the site after AI translates it into a different language.

#6 – Checkout Field Editor

A complicated checkout process is one of the biggest reasons behind abandoned shopping carts.

By using Checkout Field Editor, you can customize the default WooCommerce store checkout fields and make things clearer for your shoppers. 

#7 – YITH Compare

In a store that has a lot of similar items, it helps when you can compare different products side by side. For instance, if you cannot decide between two similar shoe brands, having both models in front with their descriptions and images allow for easy comparisons.

YITH Compare is an excellent plugin that enables the comparison feature on your WooCommerce store. You can choose which product features you want to include in the comparison table to emphasize the differences.

#8 – ProProfs Chat

Customer support rep responding to questions

When it comes to ProProfs Chat Tool, you can easily find a live chat button on any website where it is integrated. This tool is designed to help customers connect with support teams and resolve their queries in real-time.

With ProProfs Chat, customers can avoid the long wait times associated with sending an email and waiting for a response. Instead, they can simply send a message via the live chat feature on the website and receive a response almost instantly.

ProProfs Chat is an excellent option for WooCommerce stores, providing all the essential features you would expect from a live chat solution. This includes the ability to create canned responses and gather feedback from customers who interact with support representatives via the live chat feature. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer experience, improve communication, or streamline your support process, ProProfs Chat with its dedicated support for WooCommerce appointments is a natural choice.

#9 – Social Login

The struggle to create a new account for a single purchase is annoying, especially when you also have to bother with email verification and other steps.

Social Login is a plugin to simplify registration for new customers. Instead of creating a fresh account, they can use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram credentials to log in to your store. 

The Social Login plugin also supports networks like PayPal and Amazon, and Apple, not to mention that you can also keep track of logins from specific networks and other data that can prove valuable to your business management.