11 Advantages Of Online Pizza Ordering For Restaurants

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We all are aware of the popularity of Pizza among the Gen Z population. And as per statistics, 59% of Americans prefer to eat pizza at home.

So, if you are a pizza business owner looking to invest in an on-demand pizza delivery application, you must have many doubts and queries. 

Also, you must wonder about the benefits and features of the online pizza ordering app. 

What is an Online Pizza Delivery application?

An on-demand pizza delivery application allows customers to order pizza online and enjoy it at the convenience of their homes. Users can get the pizza when and where they want within minutes and make secure payments online via the pizza ordering app. 

What are the Benefits of an Online Pizza delivery application?

People rely more on smartphones to get their routine food and services. The white-label pizza ordering app enables people to get their pizza with a few clicks of their smartphone. 

So, one of the many benefits of readymade pizza ordering includes increased online reach to customers. Let us look at the other benefits: 

  1. Easy & efficient Ordering. 

Traditional Ordering involved ordering pizzas on the phone. However, ordering through the phone involved many shortcomings, like miscommunication and errors in taking the order. Also, the staff who received the order must convey it to the kitchen staff to prepare it. Thus, it consumed much time for the restaurant staff. 

  1. Customer Loyalty

With an online Pizza delivery app, you can serve your customers when and where they demand. Also, there will be no errors in order deliveries, and you can avail of the various discounts and special offers. Thus, you can gain customer loyalty. 

  1. Better Customer Data

With an online pizza ordering system, you can gather customer data easily. You can analyse this data to know your customers better and thus choose your next restaurant marketing tools according to their preferences.

When you know what your customers demand, you can easily serve them what they need and thus make them stick to your restaurant. 

  1. Streamline Delivery Service

Pizzerias can streamline their ordering and delivery processes with an on-demand pizza delivery app with online ordering and delivery applications. You can avoid the traditional way of taking orders by phone and go online for hassle-free ordering & delivery. 

  1. Monitor Expenses

One of the major benefits of an online pizza ordering system is that restaurant owners can monitor their expenses and profits in real time. They can keep track of costs incurred to prepare the order and compare them with the revenue. 

Also, the on-demand pizza ordering system generates a report for monthly and annual expenses, which food business owners can analyse to get an idea of the business’s financial position. 

  1. Cost-effective Marketing

The readymade pizza ordering system is not just your platform to manage your pizza orders and deliveries. It is a highly effective medium for marketing your brand in the online world. 

Without spending massive amounts on billboards and TV advertisements, you can market your pizza restaurant through pizza ordering software. For example, promotional discounts, special offers, loyalty, and referral programs are highly efficient ways to market your brand.

The best part is that it does not dig a hole in your pocket. Also, you can promote your pizza business on social media. 

  1. Digital Menu

You have a great chance to get more and bigger orders with the online pizza delivery app. As per studies, users order more online rather than physically dining. 

When users have enough time to browse the digital menu and have no pressure to order quickly, they are more likely to browse more restaurant menu templates and order more.

So, you have higher chances of making profits!

  1. No Commissions

You can manage your deliveries independently when you own an on-demand pizza delivery application. So, there is no need to partner with third-party delivery personnel who can deliver your orders to customer doorsteps. 

So, you can keep all the profits you earn to yourself, and there is no need to pay a commission to third-party delivery agents. 

  1. Open 24/7.

Your online Pizza ordering system can help you earn 24/7. A physical restaurant has limited time to serve the customers, but with online pizza delivery, you can serve your customers any time of the day. 

Your clients can order the pizza at the convenience of their availability and get it delivered within minutes. Also, customers can schedule their orders later and use their free time best. They don’t need to be conscious of ordering during business hours only. 

Thus, your on-demand pizza delivery application works for you even when sleeping. 

  1. Manage Menu Easily

A digital menu is easy to manage as you can edit and change it anytime. You can easily add new offerings to the menu, or if your chef has a special topping for the day, add it anytime you want and entice your customers. 

You can also change the prices if you plan to offer any occasional discounts. It is much easier and time-saving compared to traditional menus. Paper menus require reprinting every time you make any changes to the menu. Also, it consumes a lot of time and money and printing. 

A digital menu gives you the flexibility to design and place the different offerings in the menu and preview how it will look. So, you can make as many changes as required to make the menu visually appealing to customers. 

  1. Manage Inventory 

With the online pizza ordering software, you can keep track of the food stock in the restaurant. Running a pizzeria requires you to be always ready with the food ingredients to prepare any order quickly and deliver it on time. 

The online pizza ordering system enables restaurant owners to keep an eye on the stock available in the kitchen. They can also set a reminder when any ingredient reaches the minimum stock availability. The online pizza ordering software sends an alert to refill the stock. Thus, you will never run out of stock. 

Be Future Ready!

Food business owners know that having an online presence for their business is crucial to survive and thrive in the food industry. According to Upserve, digital ordering is growing at a 3x higher rate.

Millions of people rely on their smartphones to order and get their favourite pizzas to their homes. 60% of restaurant owners say delivering food online has helped them increase sales as customers spend more on online orders. 

So, restaurant owners must have an online presence if they want to increase their sales and expand their business in the long run. 

One way is to create a custom pizza delivery application tailored to your restaurant’s needs. Building the app requires a huge upfront investment, which takes around 4-6 months. Restaurant owners can hire an in-house team or outsource the project to a custom pizza delivery app development company. 

Another way is to get a saas-based pizza ordering application. The app is ready-to-launch with all the essential features to serve your customers. It does not need any upfront investment as you can get the readymade pizza ordering system for a monthly fee. 

Startups and other companies at a minimal budget can use the saas-based pizza ordering application.