How to Convert Centimeters to Meters


Nowadays, one may discover a few measurements of length/distance that may be employed in various contexts. For instance, you may measure length or distance in kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters, miles, yards, feet, inches, etc. Operating with units, you may be demanded to transform cm to m and other metrics occasionally. Let’s figure out how to do this properly and fast utilizing special techniques.

What You Should Know about Centimeters and Meters

Before switching to helpful ways of converting centimeters to meters, it will be a good idea to familiarize ourselves with these metrics closer. The Imperial system and the US customary system are referred to as systems of measurement. They possess lots of the same units of measurement. In particular, common units of length or distance are employed within the Imperial system and the US customary system. Centimeters and meters are just one of these length/distance units.

The abbreviation of centimeter is known as “cm”. This unit is widely employed to measure small distances. For instance, it may be the width of a magazine.

Meanwhile, a meter is abbreviated as “m”. This unit, in turn, assists in measuring not very long distances. For instance, it is possible to measure the height of a person in meters.

Who May Work with Units?

You may probably face a stereotype that only math or physics learners work with units of measurement. In fact, metrics are likewise useful for people of certain professions. Particularly, scientists (biologists, physicists, and chemists) commonly apply units of measurement in their studies and experiments. 

Engineers (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers) may employ units of measurement while designing and analyzing structures. Speaking about architects and construction workers, they may take advantage of units of measurement while designing buildings, installing mechanical systems, and constructing structures.

As one may see, units of measurement are an essential part of the work of people who are involved in various activities. What’s more, one of the duties of these workers may be transforming cm to meters and other metrics. Whether you operate in one of the mentioned occupations or are an ordinary user, it will not be superfluous to learn how to convert cm to m and other units properly.

Apply a Simple Formula

To transform a centimeter into a meter, you may begin by memorizing a special formula. As known, one centimeter is about 0.01 meters. In other words, one meter is equal to 100 centimeters. The following formula for turning cm to m appears here: [number of centimeters] / 100 = [number of meters]. The second formula will look as follows: [number of centimeters] * 0.01 = [number of meters].

For instance, your assignment is to get meters from 300 centimeters. This implies you should divide 300 by 100 or multiply this number by 0.01. In both cases, the answer will be 3 meters.

Employ an Online Calculator

Transforming cm to the meter utilizing useful formulas is convenient without a doubt. However, there is another option on how to obtain a proper number of meters excluding the necessity to memorize formulas. The solution is to employ a unit converter.

After you request to convert, for instance, 1 cm to m within a tool, the correct result will be given to you within seconds. Aside from having the possibility to transform units of length and distance, you may likewise convert temperature, pressure, area, volume, energy, power, and other units of measurement.


To conclude we can say that various units make measurement much simpler. If you are required to transform units of length/distance, in particular, centimeters and meters, you may go to and take advantage of the help of an online converter. As an alternative, you may apply the above-discussed special formulas.