Incident Reporting: Cybersecurity Breach

Cyber threats keep getting more effective and sophisticated as time passes. This is why cyber incident reporting stands out as necessary and vital. Worldwide federal governments and governing bodies implemented laws that require reporting an incident, which includes cyber incidents. 

Cyber Incident Reporting

If a company is affected by data breaches, cyber attacks, data leaks, or situations in which sensitive information is exposed, cyber incident reporting happens. The actual report includes affected parties and as many details as possible about the cyber incident. 

Reports are normally used in order to assess what happened, and determine brand new cyber security policies, risk management strategies, and compliance standards. 

Is Cyber Incident Reporting Important?

Cyber incident reporting can only be seen as being vital for modern organizations as they document, learn, and respond to cyber attacks. It thus has to be included in the security programs of all organizations. 

Also, such incident reporting has to happen as soon as possible after a detected attack. All related and affected parties have to be immediately notified. Sometimes, this does not happen but this can only lead to a loss of customer trust. Authorities and officials can respond in time when notified at the right moment. 

We can say that cyber incidents have to be reported due to several reasons. Those that absolutely have to be highlighted are the following. 

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

In several sectors, like finance or healthcare, cyber incident reporting is mandatory. The same goes for critical infrastructure organizations. A failure to send such a report leads to very costly penalties. 

Regulatory scrutiny is now in place for all organizations. They include monitoring systems, incident response plans, and reporting processes, among others. Such federal mandates are aimed to facilitate information sharing and enhance cyber awareness. The main goal is not to punish offenses. 

Improving Threat And Risk Awareness

The cyber incident report does not just document the cyber attack. It is also a learning experience. The organization can improve used risk management programs thanks to these reports. Simply put, every single business plays its part in working together with the main goal of limiting cyber attacks in the future. 

Increasing Trust

Incident reporting is very effective at increasing trust with customers, business partners, and stakeholders. Whenever customer data is handled by an organization, there is a need to protect it through adequate systems and procedures. If data breaches happen, they have to be reported so that the negative effects are reduced.

The attack surface of an organization does include third-party providers. Organizations affected by cyber incidents have to report them to absolutely all business partners. This helps the partners to protect themselves. It does not matter if the organization is internally secured. The third-party breach can easily compromise an entire network.


Simply put, cyber incident reporting is a mandatory practice for every single business handling sensitive data. Without proper routines in place, the organization can easily end up faced with huge regulatory problems and complete customer trust loss. Fortunately, proper practices can easily be implemented.