Google’s Top Global & Local Search Trends Of 2022


Google is the goliath of search engines in the constantly changing digital scene, catching both local and international interests. The world witnessed a rich tapestry of search patterns as 2022 rolled around, shedding light on our common curiosity and aspirations. In this post, we’ll explore the themes that captured the attention of billions of people throughout the world by delving into Google’s top local and global search trends of 2022.

Google’s Top Global Search Trends of 2022

Overview of Global Search Trends

Before delving into the individual trends, let’s take a moment to comprehend the process used to collect Google’s search trend data. Indicating what garnered the most attention globally, Google’s Year in Search offers insightful information about the year’s trending themes.

Health and Wellness Searches Surge

As a result of the pandemic’s continuing effects, it is not a surprise that searches relating to health and well-being dominated. Information on home workouts, mental health assistance, vaccine updates, and immunity-boosting foods was requested. The fad demonstrated a worldwide dedication to maintaining personal well-being in the face of difficulty.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living

The sharp increase in searches for sustainability-related terms demonstrated the pressing need for environmental awareness. People all throughout the world adopted sustainable living techniques, promoting optimism for a greener future.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Virtual and augmented reality have gained popularity as a result of the way technology is being integrated into our daily lives. Indicating our collective interest in the metaverse, searches for VR/AR applications, gaming experiences, and virtual events have increased significantly.

NFTs and Digital Collectibles

Owning and expressing creativity in the digital world have been revolutionized by NFTs and digital collectibles. The distinction between the economies of the virtual and physical worlds is muddled by these distinctive tokens that stand in for digital assets, empowering creators and luring investors.

Remote Work and Online Collaboration

By enabling seamless communication and coordination across geographic barriers, remote work, and online collaboration have revolutionized the modern worker. This tendency, which is favored for its adaptability and effectiveness, has evolved into an essential part of the working culture of the digital era.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

In 2022, news about cryptocurrencies remained prominent, resulting in a surge in searches for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Additionally, blockchain technology attracted interest outside of the financial sector as it demonstrated its promise in several industries.

Google’s Top Local Search Trends of 2022

Overview of Local Search Trends

Sacramento Local SEO for Increased Local Searches trends offer a window into the particular issues and preferences of communities while global search trends give a view of global interests.

Local Business Resilience

Numerous difficulties plagued local businesses, and the community came together to support them. Searches for “nearby businesses,” “support local,” and “community-driven initiatives” shot through the roof, underscoring the significance of fostering local economies.

Hyperlocal Advertising and Targeting

Hyperlocal advertising grew in popularity as companies transformed for the digital age. Marketers used personalized advertising and location-based targeting to connect with potential customers.

Rise of “Near Me” Searches

“Near me” searches have become the standard for locating goods, services, and experiences nearby. The “near me” culture encouraged easy consumer decisions across a range of businesses, from restaurants to repair shops.

Local Events and Experiences

Local occasions and experiences present lively and engrossing chances for communities to get together, celebrate culture, and make enduring memories. These occasions, which range from neighborhood get-togethers to festivals and concerts, strengthen the social fabric and promote a sense of community.

Local Travel and Tourism Rebound

As travel restrictions were loosened in 2022, local travel and tourism saw an impressive uptick. The thrill of being back in touch with their home regions was savored as people avidly visited surrounding attractions, contributing to the local economy.

Neighborhood Guides and Recommendations

Neighborhood guides and suggestions provide useful insights into local communities by listing hidden gems, must-see locations, and genuine experiences. These resources enable people to discover and value the distinctive charm of various neighborhoods.

The Impact of Google’s Search Trends

Google’s Search Trends have a significant impact on corporate strategies, content development, and societal ideals. They provide a window into global interests, influencing marketing choices and offering priceless insights into the prevailing thought in our always-changing world.

Influence on Business and Marketing Strategies

Businesses carefully examined search trends to match their offers with consumer preferences. They customized marketing plans to fit the current trends, increasing client involvement and steadfastness.

Insights for Content Creators and SEO Professionals

Search trends have served as a rich mine of inspiration for content producers and SEO specialists at Incrementors. They enhanced their chances of reaching more people by creating material on hot themes.

Sociocultural Reflections of Search Trends

Sociocultural reflections on search trends offer profound insights into the collective mindset of societies. They reveal prevailing interests, values, and concerns, shaping our understanding of how digital interactions mirror and influence real-world dynamics.


In conclusion, Google’s Top Global & Local Search Trends of 2022 unveiled a captivating tapestry of human interests and aspirations. From health and sustainability to NFTs and local resilience, these trends provided valuable insights into our collective mindset. As we move forward, these search trends will continue to shape digital landscapes and societies worldwide.