Here Are The Top 10 Photo Editing Trends That Are Ruling The Internet

Photo editing has come a long way since it first began with highly advanced technology transitioning to complicated softwares, only the most rich photographers could afford to make the slightest of improvement in pictures, and therefore it wasn’t feasible for everyone to edit photos the way they would like.

Thankfully this isn’t the case with us, we are the generation that has witnessed the huge shift in the advancements and accessibility of tools and technology that has enabled us to edit photos however we want and in an instant! 

Now that editing photos is super easy for us, are you still posting your pictures with the preset filter effects available to you on social media platforms? Or do you also want to elevate your photo editing skills with the trendiest and easiest photo editing tricks with the Gallery Photo Editor app.

In this article we are going to unpack the 10 hottest photo editing trends that are ruling the internet this year and how you can follow these trends in your own way.

Without delaying it any further let’s start with the first trend on our list which will make you use it right away and boost your social media appearance.

  1. Tints and hues

Starting from last year, this photo editing trend is still popular, giving soft and subtle tints to your pictures, especially in pink, gives a dreamy and delicate edge to your photos. Alternatively, you can also use any colour of your desire.

You can duplicate this look with just a few scrolls on the “Adjust” panel on the Gallery Photo Editor App. Set the tones on your photos of any colour by playing around with brightness, saturation, temperature and contrast.

To brighten up your profile grid instantly, you can also apply filter effects like Salmon, Oyster, Blend and Sunrise to get a soft pinkish orange hue on your picture.

  1. Royal Black and White

Let’s admit, the charm of black and white pictures will never get out of fashion!

You can never go wrong with this trend, but still you need your picture to speak out even when the colour doesn’t.

Desaturating colour from any picture is easy with the Gallery Photo editor app, just lower the saturation of your photo and increase the brightness. You can also increase the contrast of the image to get the edgy and immersive look.

Additionally, you can also play around with the temperature slider to see and adjust what tone suits best to your picture. Go dramatic without being boring and pull off the classic black and white look! 

And in case you are wondering…. Gallery Photo Editor app is one of the best photo editing apps to bring out the best in your pictures naturally, the app also comes with many exclusive features like unlimited stickers, background designs, collage maker, instagram video downloader and a lot more!

  1. Recreate Retro

Also known as desaturating the colours in a picture where you need to bring down the saturation a bit and increase contrast of the picture. You can also raise the brightness a little to avoid a gloomy look on the picture, as the purpose of this editing style is to achieve a washed out look on your picture.

Desaturated tones are undoubtedly the most popular trend this year! They bring out the retro old-fashioned look often replicating the camera quality of the 80s and 90s.

  1. Keep it Raw

Yes, no editing is also on trend! The aim is to achieve a look that is far from perfect. Simply and unapologetically You. So if you have a bad hair day or if there are undesired elements in the background, if your smile is crooked or even if you didn’t striked your best pose… Go for that look and flaunt it!!

Unedited and Uncut is simply bringing your unique personality on display to social media; inspiring others to embrace themselves just the way they are, in the culture that is constantly trying to replicate other’s looks! We seriously hope that this trend should last longer….

  1. Bokeh Effect

If you are a regular user of social media then you must have seen the bokeh effect pictures, looking absolutely beautiful and eye-catching. This effect is created by blurring the backdrop of the image while keeping a sharp focus on the main subject of the image adding depth and visual interest to the photos.

Although this effect is first captured with the camera lens while clicking the photo, you can always enhance it with the Gallery photo editor app and even create a look closer to the bokeh effect by using other features of the app like blurring the background.

  1. Overlay with Text

People are going gaga over this photo editing trend on social media platforms, where you can add the content or text on the short videos, reels and photos. You can add your opinions, experiences or create your own memes to go viral on the internet.

Most people are using timed text displayed on the reel or short videos to narrate their message.

  1. Futuristic Edits

Stepping into the future with this photo editing trend! This editing trend hasn’t been explored to its best extent. Giving your pictures a bold and neon colour flare while creating a futuristic sci-fi look is what we are striving to achieve here.

You can replicate this look by implementing bold neon colour hues to your photos and elevate it’s aesthetics with striking vibrant colour combinations. Simply raise the brightness, contrast and a lot of saturation to get the desired look.

Here is a tip: You can add shapes and geometry to the background of your pictures which will do wonders to the end results.

8. High and Bright

In the times where muted and faded effects have become a cliche, going bold and bright with colours also brings a refreshing feel to the eyes! This captivating conspiracy of colours can’t be underestimated. Apart from uplifting your mood instantly, colours also make your photos look even more visually appealing.

All you need to do is get a colourful shot, and open it in the Gallery Photo Editor app. lower the brightness a bit and increase the contrast, you can even increase the saturation in the image but make sure not to over saturate your picture and keep it closer to natural!

Brighten up your profile with vivid colours and see your pictures coming to life with this photo editor app! Here is a tip; do not use many colours or many colourful elements just keep it minimal and let the less do more…

9. Colour Splash

Another popular photo editing trend involves highlighting a specific area or subject in a photo by keeping it in colour while turning the rest of the image into black and white or grayscale.

Drawing the viewers attention to the object in colour this effect created a powerful visual effect which is satisfying for eyes to watch! Even Though this effect may convey sad emotions, it truly depends from picture to picture.

10. Vintage Vibes

Taking a modern picture and giving it a look of the past is the goal here. And with the Gallery Photo Editor app you can achieve this look by lowering down the contrast, brightness and saturation of the image in a subtle way. 

Remember, the key to creating a vintage effect is not to overdo any one aspect. Subtle adjustments often work best to achieve a natural and timeless vintage look. This timeless look will never lose its charm and the warmth it adds to your photos is like none other effect! While these editing trends can elevate your personal photos, if you’re hosting an event and want professionally captured moments, it’s worth checking out the event photographer prices in London.

Final Touches

By following the photo editing trends everyone of us can post pictures like celebrities and no you won’t need to hire a professional editor or buy expensive photo editing softwares. You can boost your social media presence even more by writing engaging captions or narrating stories through your photos.

We can easily keep our profile fresh and visually appealing with all photo editing techniques discussed in this article. With the trendiest photo editing effects you can get the desired effect in your photos for free with the Gallery Photo Editor app.

You have now learnt how you can adjust the slider here and there manually and create looks like vintage vibes, black & white, high and bright, futuristic edits, retro effect and so on!

What may be popular now might evolve in the future, but some of these trends have already stood the test of time. Feel free to experiment and combine different trends to develop your own unique style!

Remember, photo editing is an art form, and the possibilities are virtually endless. So wait no longer, install the Gallery Photo Editor app now and enjoy the privilege of editing photos like never before.