Best cryptocurrency exchanges with stablecoins

Stablecoins are a rather specific type of cryptocurrency. They are distinguished from classic digital assets by their stable price. Regardless of which platform you buy such coins on, the USDT-BEP20 price will always be as close as possible to 1 USD per coin.

Stablecoins serve as a bridge between traditional financial markets and the cryptocurrency market. In the crypto world, they serve the same role as the American dollar in the real economy. Thanks to their stable price, they have occupied the niche of safe haven assets in the crypto market and have become a universal means of payment.

There are several dozen stablecoins on the market and new coins with a fixed price appear from time to time. But its lion’s share is occupied by the four largest players: Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD) and Dai (DAI). These coins are traded on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges. But what if your interests include less popular coins of this type?

Best cryptocurrency exchanges with stablecoins


The largest currently operating cryptocurrency exchange leads in trading volumes and the number of active users. More than 380 coins and tokens are supported on the platform, and crypto-fiat transactions are available. In addition to spot and margin trading, futures trading and numerous methods of passive income are available. 

The interface is quite simple and intuitive, but account verification is required to access trading. The Binance ecosystem has its own token, Binance Coin, a p2p market, and a crypto wallet, Trust Wallet. The selection of stablecoins is small, limited to USDT BUSD and DAI, but the platform is included in the TOP in terms of trading volume.


In the current CoinMarketCap ranking, this centralized exchange ranks fourth in terms of trading volume. The platform supports more than 700 coins and tokens, and crypto-fiat transactions are also available here. KuCoin supports spot, margin and futures trading, there is a p2p market and its own token. The exchange provides passive income programs. The interface is relatively simple, but the site does not serve anonymous clients. To access its functionality, you must pass KYS. KuCoin leads the way in terms of the number of stablecoins available. Here you can trade USDT, USDD, USDS, BUSD, USDT, TUSD, USDJ and USDP. Exchange available for USDT-BEP20 to SOL and other coins.


This crypto exchange occupies a rather modest 28th position in the ranking in terms of trading volume, but is a leader in the number of supported coins, with more than 1,600 available. On the one hand, this is good for fans of rare coins. On the other hand, a lot of digital “junk” is traded on MEXC. Frankly fraudulent coins do not end up on the exchange, but to be honest, low-liquidity assets can harm your financial situation no less. Available on the platform are USDT, USDS, USDD, USDP, DAI, USDN and USDJ. Account verification is not required.


HTX, previously Huobi, ranks 9th in terms of trading volume. The platform supports 600+ coins and tokens, and you can purchase crypts for fiat. HTX provides spot, margin and futures trading, supports derivatives, staking, crypto lending and much more. Account verification is not required, but verified clients have more options. Trading is available in pairs with USDT, DAI, USDT, USDP and USDT.


The LetsExchange fast cryptocurrency exchange service is the optimal choice for buying, selling and exchanging any stablecoins. This is an excellent platform for forming and rebalancing an investment portfolio. More than 300 digital assets are supported here. To perform any swap, it is enough to correctly fill out the exchange widget, making sure to indicate the address of your wallet for crediting the purchased coins. The service is available without registration; there are no restrictions on the amount or number of swaps.