Must-Have Software for the Hospitality Sector in 2023

The world of technology and hospitality are continually changing. In every sector, you will find specialty systems and software that you absolutely must have, and hospitality is no different. You need reliable software to help make taking care of clients, cleaning, and reservations a breeze. Lucky for you, there are tons of options when it comes to software. 

On the downside, those tons of options can lead to you paying for software that you don’t really need or don’t know how to properly incorporate that software. Instead, you’re better off determining the must-have solutions and putting those to work. Invest in success and make sure your teams know how to properly use the tools the software provides. 

In this guide, we share some must-have software solutions that the hospitality sector absolutely needs in 2023. This guide isn’t about brands but rather about ensuring you know the types of software you should check out. Read more below! 

High-Quality Phone Systems

In a hotel, you have a heavy call volume. Some hotel chains even have dedicated customer service that just answers and directs calls. Regardless of whether you’re part of a large chain or just a small, local hotel, you need a phone system that works well. 

Hotel phone systems are really the backbone of operations. Without a good phone system, it becomes impossible to manage the call volume. You’ve got to be able to place people on hold, transfer calls, and maybe even have multiple lines as well. 

How do phone systems work in technology? Well, a VoIP phone system is technology and software that integrates in different ways. These systems are internet-based, allowing far more capability. This is what most hotels have switched to. Just make sure you choose a quality option that can accommodate your hotel’s needs! 

Booking Engines

What keeps your hotel in business? It’s the reservations! This means you need a tool that allows for a seamless booking process. And it’s not just booking for the employees handling the phone calls or checking in clients, but also being able to book from online databases and resources. Your booking capabilities need to encompass internal needs as well as website and online booking needs. 

Here’s the thing. Your booking software has to be excellent. You can’t afford software that will book rooms that aren’t available or double book rooms and other common errors. While mistakes do happen, you want to minimize those as much as possible. Choose a booking software that you can rely on from all sides. 

PMS Software

Many hotels have started using what is known as PMS software. You likely already have some form of this in your hotel, but it may be time to check out the best options. And if you don’t have PMS, you need to invest in it. PMS stands for property management system, and it’s basically an all-inclusive software for hotels. 

There are a ton of different hotel PMS choices out there, so you may need to do some research to find the right fit. These systems may have different capabilities, but most of them allow you to integrate front desk needs, booking, and even revenue management all in the same software. 

These are some top picks for hotel PMS solutions

  • eZee
  • Hotelogix
  • Cloudbeds
  • Operto
  • NewBook

These are just some top choices and examples, but there are many more to consider as well. 

Mobile Compatibility Software

Everything you do needs to be mobile device compatible. This includes check-ins and reservations. Whether you choose to make your website mobile-friendly or offer an app for your customers, you have to ensure this is an option. In most cases, you can make your website and all that goes with it mobile-friendly, but you need to be absolutely sure it is! And, of course, creating an app experience can also be helpful. 

People do almost everything from their mobile devices now, which means if your hotel doesn’t accommodate that, you will likely lose clients. This is one of the most prevalent things to stay relevant in 2023! 

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the hospitality business in 2023, the important thing is to ensure you can take care of your clients’ needs with technology. Many hotels would benefit simply from using VoIP services in conjunction with their PMS systems as long as their systems integrate the important things. 

Invest in software that will allow your employees to be more efficient while also providing for the needs of customers and prospective customers. This is how you stay on top in the marketplace.