A Comprehensive Guide of a Professional PDF Editor on Mac: PDFelement 


During this digital age, having all the right apps on computers like Macs is a great way to boost productivity. After all, most of the work needed today is performed through computers. Among the diverse range of PDF editors available, Wondershare PDFelement for Mac emerges as a comprehensive solution that caters to the unique needs of Mac users.

This guide will explore the features of PDFelement , one of the notable PDF editors for Mac and how to fully master them, specifically if you’re using a Mac. Go through this journey and enjoy this powerful PDF editor for Mac equipped with all the features you need. 

How To Install and Setup PDFelement

To install and download Wondershare PDFelement, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit Wondershare PDFelement’s official website. Click Free Download.

Wondershare PDFelement’s official website

Step 2: Locate the downloaded file and open it. On this page, click Agree

Wondershare PDFelement

Step 3: Double-click the icon to install the program.

Note: If your Mac shows the “Unidentified developer” warning, re-open the app using the Control + Click method.

Step 4: Log in or sign up for a Wondershare account once the app launches.

Log in or sign up for a Wondershare account

Exploring the Basic Features of Wondershare PDFelement

This section will teach you how to use the basic things you should expect from a Mac PDF editor, such as conversion, annotating, and editing. 

Annotating and Editing PDFs

Here are the basics of PDF manipulation with Wondershare PDFelement. 

Step 1: On the homepage, click Open. It will open the Finder app. Click Open once you see your PDF file in the Finder app.  

Open PDF file with Wondershare PDFelement

Step 2: To annotate PDF texts with highlights, lines, sticky notes, comments, text boxes, stamps, or signatures, use the Comment menu. Once you’ve chosen a mode, drag the cursor to the text you wish to annotate. Use the color options on the right to use different colors. 

Annotate PDF text with Wondershare PDFelement

Step 3: To edit PDFs, use the Edit menu. Click Text to edit PDF texts or add text boxes, Image to add images, and Link to add hyperlinks to areas within the PDF.  

Edit PDFs with Wondershare PDFelement

Converting PDFs

Here’s how you can convert PDF files to other formats. 

Step 1: Click the Convert PDF option from the homepage.

Convert PDF

Note: Alternatively, you can immediately click PDF to Word to convert PDFs to a Word file. 

Step 2: Locate your file and click Open

PDF to word

Step 3: On the next page, choose the Format you need. Then, click Convert. You can now open your converted file with the appropriate application. 

Convert PDF

Batch Manipulation Tools of PDFelement

To access batch manipulation tools, click Batch PDFs on the homepage. Click the feature you want on the left panel. Then, drag-and-drop files to the designated area or click + Add…

Batch PDFs

Here’s what PDFelement’s Batch PDF can do:

  • Compress PDFs: Minimize file sizes of PDFs. 
  • Bates Number: Add page numbers to PDFs.
  • Add Watermark: Add your unique watermarks to the PDFs.
  • Add Background: Adds a uniform background to all PDFs.
  • Add Header & Footer: Adds a uniform header & footer style to all PDFs
  • Batch Encrypt: Adds passwords or other permissions to PDFs to secure them.
  • Create PDFs: Converts other files to PDFs. 
  • Combine PDFs: Combines PDF files.
  • Batch Remove: Removes PDF annotations or other comments across all PDFs.
  • Data Extraction: Takes the most important data from several PDF files, like statistics.
  • Print PDF: An easy way to print all PDFs uploaded in one go. 

Advanced Features of Wondershare PDFelement

It’s time to explore some advanced features of this PDF editor for Mac, such as OCR, digital signatures, and AI functions.

Using OCR

Here’s how you can use the OCR function of Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1: Click on OCR PDF on the homepage. 

OCR function

Step 2: Locate your file with the Finder pop-up window and click Open

PDF tool

Step 3: Choose the language of your PDF. Then, edit the Page Range and other options such as Downsample To and Type. Then, click Perform OCR

OCR text recognition

Step 4: When the operation is finished, click Open.

OCR text recognition

Step 5: You should now be able to edit and customize the text easily. However, you need a subscription to access the editing tools. If you haven’t yet, click Buy now

Subscription to access the PDF editing tools

Using AI Tools

Wondershare PDFelement has many AI tools to help you with your research or with PDF manipulation, such as translation. Check out the different features and how to access them below:

After opening a file, go to Tools > AI Tools. 

AI tools for PDF manipulation

There are 5 AI tools that you can enjoy. Here’s an overview:

  • AI Sidebar: Opens Lumi, the AI chatbot of Wondershare PDFelement. You can ask the AI to analyze your text or to Summarize or Rewrite certain parts of the PDF. Ask it a question and copy excerpts of the PDF to the text box.
  • AI Translate: Translates a chosen selection from the PDF. 
  • Proofread PDF: Checks for grammatical errors or other areas that may be improved in the PDF.
  • Translate PDF: Translates the whole document to the target language. 
  • PDF AI Written Detect: Detects AI plagiarism of the document. This allows you to customize and edit the content further. 

Troubleshooting Issues With Wondershare PDFelement

Of course, there are times that you may face issues with the program. Here are common problems and how to address them on your Mac computer. 

Note: Visit the Wondershare PDFelement Official Website > Resources & Help for more information.

Visit the Wondershare PDFelement Official Website > Resources & Help for more information.

Can’t Open/Manipulate PDF Files

If you can’t open or manipulate PDF files, check if your PDF file is corrupted. Load it through Mac’s Preview App. If it opens with the Preview app, relaunch or reinstall Wondershare PDFelement. 

Can’t Use OCR or Convert Files Function

The OCR and Convert files functions require their respective plugin. Normally, Wondershare PDFelement will prompt you to download them when you use the feature. Alternatively, you can go to Wondershare PDFelement > Settings > Plugins and download the plugins.

Wondershare PDFelement > Settings > Plugins and download the plugins

If they’re already downloaded and are still not working, try reinstalling or relaunching the program. 

Requesting Customer Service/Support

If you are facing other issues, or if the above fixes don’t work, click your Profile > My Support > Get Support. This allows you to be assisted by dedicated customer service. 

Profile > My Support > Get Support
Wondershare PDFelement


In conclusion, mastering a tool takes more than your exploration; you’ll always need a guiding hand. This is especially the case with PDF editors for Mac, given that these computers are especially used for productivity. An amazing tool to assist you with your day-to-day needs is a godsend, especially with PDFs, which are popular documents for sharing today.

Wondershare PDFelement offers this guide to maximize the benefits of PDFs on your Mac computer. It covered the essentials that you need to know to master the tool. However, it’s still best to try out the tool on your own so you can use and customize it according to your needs.