A Step-by-Step Guide: How To Create a Business Plan with AI

Creating a business idea is quite an exciting journey, but it takes time and effort. Having a good idea is not enough. The second thing after your idea is a business plan. With a well-written business plan, you can find investors, define your goals and achieve them.

A number of entrepreneurs use a secret weapon to generate successful business plans: Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

AI is not created to replace business plan writers or marketers; it is created to help them improve their ideas and give valuable insights. So, if you have decided to write a business plan, let’s discuss the whole process in detail and review the steps you should take!

Step 1:  Define Your Key Business Ideas

Before starting to use AI-powered tools, understand your main business ideas and values. Here are some steps you can take to make your business concept complete:

  • Choose a business name and slogan: Create or find an original business name and slogan that will be associated with your brand.
  • Define main characteristics and advantages of your brand: What is the unique of your brand and what problems can your brand solve.
  • Learn your target audience: Understand who is your potential customer and what their needs are.
  • Conduct competitor analysis: Know your main competitors and think of how you can excel at them. 
  • Calculate your budget: Understand how much money you will need and what kind of expenses you will have.

Step 2:  Factors to Consider While Choosing an AI Tool

Within the dozens of AI business plan-creator tools, it is hard to find the perfect one. A number of factors should be considered: 

  • Simplicity and user-friendliness: Search for a tool that will be simple to use and will not need coding knowledge.  
  • Required features: Understand which features are important to you. Do you need consultation or business plan writing ideas? 
  • Define your budget for a tool: You can find both free and paid tools to choose from. 

Here are some options to choose from: 

  • Grammarly Business Plan Generator: This is a free AI-powered tool that can help you write an excellent business plan summary; all you have to do is answer some questions.
  • PrometAI: Another AI-powered tool that can become your best online consultant is PrometAI.. It can offer unique ideas and simplify the overall business plan creation process. 
  • Simplified: The last but not the least AI-powered business plan creation tool is Simplified AI. It is perfect for creating business plans for the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) fields and business consulting. 

Step 3:  Give AI Information

Once you’ve chosen your tool, it’s time to provide the AI with the information it needs to work its magic. Usually, this involves responding to several questions concerning your company. Give the AI as much information as possible; the more details you provide, the more accurately the AI can adjust the results to meet your demands.

Here are some ideas to think about:

  • Give a thorough description of the product or service. What makes it unique?
  • What are your main competitors? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • How are you going to get your target market? Which marketing avenues are you going to use?
  • What financial objectives do you have? What kind of revenue are you hoping to bring in?
  • Who are the perfect clients for you? What are their purchasing patterns and demographics?

Step 4:  Review and Edit Your AI-Generated Business Plan

When you have created the complete business plan with AI, the work is not over. It should have your voice and values, so you have to review it and make some changes. Concentrate on these aspects:

  • Human language and authentic tone: Ensure high-quality language in your content plan and relevancy to your business values. 
  • Accuracy: Check all facts and calculations to eliminate mistakes.
  • Details: Show your experience and unique touch by adding some details. 

Step 5:  Build the Complete Business Plan

After generating your business plan with AI-powered tools and editing it manually, there are still some things left to do.

  • Define your business, goals, and competitive advantages.
  • Write your company description.
  • Conduct a market analysis or take a digital marketer’s consultation.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis and recognize the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors.
  • Create a win-win marketing strategy. 
  • Gather a team of professionals.
  • Make predictions for income, spending, and how much money you’ll make.

Step 6:  Collect Feedback

Share your business plan with professionals to understand how good is it. Only this way you can improve it and see it from different perspectives, and make it successful. 


Creating a business plan with AI consulting is a great idea to save time and energy. Using various AI tools is not that hard. The plan just needs to be reviewed and edited to improve it. Free up some time and money, and use the available tools to make your dreams come true!