Innovative Companies That Support Laracon 2024 


If you care about Laravel or even PHP or web development then something very special happened on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024. 

We are of course talking about Laracon 2024. This is the biggest ever Laravel conference event in India and it is the largest congregation of Laravel experts in India.

It was a jampacked schedule at the Mewar Banquet in Udaipur, Rajasthan. 

It was not just any conference for Laravel lovers because Laracon 2024 was much more. It was about Laravel, PHP, VueJS, web development and so much more.

Laracon 2024 was all about talks from the core Laravel team and also prominent developers like Freek Van der Herten. It was where you could hear prominent industry leaders and CTOs of tech companies talk about the latest and greatest in tech.

But most importantly, it was about networking. Laracon 2024 has been sponsored by some of the most innovative companies in India. 

They all had their individual stalls and you could interact with them and get to know more about what they bring to the table at Laracon. It was a huge networking opportunity. 

We are only going to talk about a few of the sponsors from the huge list of companies at Laracon 2024 and it is because these companies are innovative and definitely deserve the attention and limelight

Let us check out some of these innovative companies at Laracon 2024. 

A Few Innovative Companies at Laracon 2024

Think To Share IT Solutions 

The first company we are going to talk about is going to be Think To Share because they are one of the most innovative names when it comes to full-stack web and software development. 

They are actually the market leaders when it comes to web design and development, AI utilisation and cloud infrastructure and much more. They dominate the eastern part of India with their IT solutions. They literally do everything when it comes to IT. 

They handle most projects related to AWS, Google Cloud, MailChimp and Open AI and they are the bonafide experts at Laravel, Next.JS, Vue, TypeScript and much more.

They just launched two of their proprietary apps and services at Laracon 2024.

One of these apps is MyReminders, a revolutionary B2C reminders app with call reminders and the other is CallMate, a complete B2B AI-powered auto data-entry solution.  

Along with that, they also held an excellent contest by the name Find the Bug Challenge, which was all about them deliberately placing bugs into the MyReminders app. 

The first contestant to get all the bugs wins a brand-new pair of Apple AirPods. Murtaza Vohra was the winner.

You should definitely visit their Stall No. S5 and meet with the team of Think To Share as they are the sponsors of Laracon 2024.

Bigly Sales

The second innovative company that we are going to talk about is Bigly Sales. They are among the proud sponsors of Laracon 2024.

This is quite an innovative company because this company is all about AI-powered sales and marketing automation. They bring AI into the picture that has the potential to completely replace a human sales team. 

Their proprietary software is able to generate a lot of leads and increase a lot of bookings. The results speak for themselves because they have managed to gain quite a reputation with their amazing sales solution. 

It was great fun meeting them at Laracon 2024 at their stall and you should definitely check out their innovative AI solution that aims to replace sales agents. 


The third company that was a proud sponsor at Laracon 2024 is also a company quite similar to Think To Share.

They are a very reputable software development company that does end-to-end software product development. 

They have extensive experience in working with Laravel, VueJS, NuxtJS and much more and they utilise Agile for their software development. 

They have quite a good number of products under their belt including very reliable real-time products as well as order management systems and live streaming systems and much more. 

They are very innovative and definitely deserve the limelight and it was fun meeting them at their stall at Laracon 2024. 


We are now looking at a giant when it comes to cloud computing internationally because AccuWeb was also a proud sponsor at Laracon 2024.

They have been in the industry for a long time and are even older than others in this blog as they started their journey way back in 2002.

They provide nearly every kind of cloud service you can imagine from application hosting to database hosting as well as computing and storage.

They have an excellent record when it comes to hosting for different platforms and they also provide a good cluster service as well.

If you have anything remotely related to cloud then you should definitely check them out because they are an excellent brand. 

Flare Laravel Error Tracking

We bring you yet another company that got amazing attention at Laracon 2024 as we bring you Flare, which was actually built by the creators of Spatie.

This means if you want the finest error-tracking experience when it comes to Laravel applications and utilisation then nothing can be better than the Flare app.

Their interface is excellent and is actually very intuitive and offers the greatest level of detail when it comes to understanding your errors in Laravel implementation. 

They were a hit at Laracon 2024 and you should definitely check them out on their website for a good level of insight into Laravel error tracking. 


InfyOm was among the sponsors at Laracon 2024 and this is a company that you should definitely check out from the context of Laravel.

They are one of the finest names when it comes to Laravel consulting because of their extensive experience of 8 years with Laravel.

They also provide a very extensive web development service and also do mobile app development. However, there is something that sets them apart from everyone else.

They are a renowned Laravel open-source contributor. 

InfyOm has a quite young and pragmatic team and it was awesome meeting them at their stall in Laracon 2024. 
So, in case you didn’t attend this Laracon 2024, there’s always one year and we will see you then. And as always stay tuned to our blogs for the latest and greatest in tech and mobile app development and much more.