Doa Akasyah

Assalamualiakum... do'a akasyah beserta terjemahan hasil dari sercing - sercing di mbah gogel coba saya rangkum menjadi sebuah aplikasi yang sangat sederhana. semoga bermanfaat. ada kurang dan lebihnya mohon maaf. terimakasih. wassalamuaaikum... dary_abiyu_kory





Software to Jailbreak your Iphone or Ipad



10 Ayat Al-Kahfi

Nabi saw bersabda :”Barangsiapa yang menghafaz 1-10 ayat dari surah Al-Kahfi di pelihara dan di selamatkannya dari Fitnah Dajjal”. (Diriwayatkan oleh Ahmad dan Muslim, An-Nasaie) Disunnahkan membaca surah Al-Kahfi pada siang hari atau malam hari Jumaat sebagaimana pendapat Imam Syafi’i (Lihat Al-Adzkar oleh Imam Nawawi). Seorang muslim yang menghafal sepuluh atau tiga ayat pertama dari surah Al-Kahfi akan terlindung dari fitnah Dajjal, atau siapa yang membaca sepuluh ayat

Kisah 25 Rasul

Rasul (Arab:رسول Rasūl; Plural رسل Rusul) adalah seorang yang mendapat wahyu dari Allah dengan suatu syari'at dan ia diperintahkan untuk menyampaikannya dan mengamalkannya. Setiap rasul pasti seorang nabi, namun tidak setiap nabi itu seorang rasul. Jadi jumlah para nabi itu jauh lebih banyak ketimbang para rasul. Menurut syariat Islam jumlah rasul ada 312, sesuai dengan hadits yang telah disebutkan oleh Muhammad, yang diriwayatkan oleh At-Turmudzi. Menurut Al-Qur'an Allah telah mengirimkan ban

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

The Biggest Zombies Experience to Date: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 Zombies features three different ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. Unravel the mysteries of a dying Earth in Tranzit, fight endless waves of zombies in Survival mode, or compete in the new 4z4 last-human-standing mode, Grief. Also, enjoy bite-sized chunks of gameplay with Zombies’ new Custom Game Mode.

Jailbreak Deluxe

Jailbreak & Cydia for your iPhone! Supports iOS 8! Tutorial & Software!



The one and only blog to know everything about the Band you love Opeth

UpToDate 21.2 Offline

UpToDate® is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource authored by physicians to help healthcare practitioners make the best decisions at the point of care. By combining the latest clinical knowledge with cutting-edge technology, UpToDate changes the way clinicians practice medicine and has become an indispensable part of clinical workflows in institutions and practices worldwide.

Nando Art

Official Nando's Art App - With rosaceous, oblique forms and pastel spheres, Nando sees the world in full colours and leaves his structuralist glance on the paper. His big size canvas and perfect geometric puzzles reveal at the mercy of the spirals,the illuminated curves of faces and enchanting scenery. Nando develops a unique style and transforms his vanishing lines into lines of life. Each one in front, is free to invent it’s own landscape. © Nando ADAGP, Paris 19


testhomepage app


Rohingya News Network

تفسير 40 حديث نووي

تفسير 40 حديث نووي By Hypradise Productions

Meteo V.G.

Aggregatote di Meteo VG

TelaGospel Videos Evangelicos

O TelaGospel conta com mais de 30.000 Vídeos evangélicos grátis, Filmes Evangélicos e Devocionais. Música Evangélica, adoração e estudos bíblicos. Conecte-se com outros cristãos e faça amizade.

facebook hUcker

with this great app you can hack any facebook account ,only enter the email and new password and the program change the account password *plz like us


With this software you will always carry the ZOOMIT website Designer: mehrdadpesar


app from website to mobile


Extra zakcentje nodig? Verdien snel en makkelijk geld met je telefoon. Meld je aan en verdien meteen je eerste €1,95. verdien geld voor het lezen van mailtjes en het mee doen aan onderzoeken.Koop via Euroclix met korting producten en verdien extra geld. Vertel je vrienden/familie en verdien per aangebracht actief lid nog eens €1,95. Need extra pocket money Earn quick and easy money with your phone. Sign up and earn your first right away € 1.95. earn money for reading emails an

NZ On Demand

Find the best television programmes from your favourite TV channels in New Zealand. TV one and TV 3. *TVNZ on demand *TV 3 on demand

Golan Sites

golan sites : jawlany-daliluk-baladee-golantimes-jawlan

VideoStar Android

It's the same as video star on apple products except the name. You can take a video and put it different fonts included with music. (:

Real Solar Charger

This is a 100% working solar charger app. Works with all phones. Android 2.1&


Find thousands of CHEAP HOTELS using the FREE Cheap Hotels app. This free app compares 100's of hotel booking sites in one place so you can choose the cheapest hotel for your requirements. The app compares cheap hotels from sites like,,,, agoda, and many more ensuring you can choose from the largest selection of cheap hotel prices for your hotel booking. Don't just search in one place for your hotel booking, search in 100's o


Tutto sulla televisione digitale terrestre in Italia. Notizie, frequenze, guida tv con tutti i canali e guide. All the informations about digital terrestrial television in Italy. Italian tv streaming and tv guide. Cable tv in Italy. Frequencies. Real Time and TLC programs in Italy and italian sports events streaming. Italian football match and formula 1 streaming.

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