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Magic 8 Ball

Ask It A Question, then Give It A Tap! Trust Me... It Is ALWAYS correct!

Galatasaray Marş Topu

Galatasaray Marş Topu, Galatasaraylı Aslanların, Uygulama İçinde Telefonu Salladıklarında Yada Ekrana 2 Kere Hızlı Hızlı Dokunduklarında Galatasaray Marşı Çıkar ve Kişi o Marşı Devam Ettirmesi Gerekir. Lütfen 5 Yıldız vermeyi unutmayın :)

Magic 8 Ball

Get Your Answers! Does he love me? Will I pass this test?Am I really 30? Am I an ALIEN? You ask, it will answer. Is Mario my real name? An item of pure divination, from our childhoods up to now. Relive the good old days.


Τραβήξτε ένα κάθε φορά για να πάρετε ένα μήνυμα από την Αγία Γραφή

Magic Ball

Magic Ball is an entertaining app that will predict the outcome to all your questions, and find the outcome you have been longing to know. Download now and get the answer's to all your deepest desires today.

P.B magic ball

P.B magic ball

App Yes Or No

Describe your future randomly. Play this random game to have fun. The ball will gibe you some opinions about your questions. NOTE: It's just a game, it isn't real. The answers aren't close to real life.

Magic M8

Test Your Luck With Magic 8

C Magic Ball

C Magic Ball is 100% free to download, install and play game. C Magic Ball Game is a fun game to ask it a question and after you shake your phone it will give you an answer. "But please do note that this is only a game." It is not a real thing to take for real. C Magic Ball is only a game that is meant to just have fun with. Nothing else and nothing more. C Magic Ball is a neat and fun game to have fun playing with it to ask it silly little questions. Hope you enjoy

Magic of Ball

Sacred Stone

Oracle of Oak

The ancient Greeks practiced many forms of divination, including Daphnomancy, the reading of oak leaves. The nymph Daphne turned herself into a tree to flee Apollo's advances, and offers advice through her leaves...Scatter the leaves to the wind in the Ancient Temple to see if the Greek Gods favor you...or not...

Witches Wisdom

Ask the wise witch for a fortune. This parlor trick uses a crystal ball to give you the answer to a question...

Tea Leaf Reader

Enjoy a hot cup of tea with a side of fortune-telling! Reading the tea leaves can provide answers to all life's problems...Simply stir the tea and see!

Magic Freakin 8 Ball

Crude version of the classic divination device. Warning! This app contains foul language and mild insults. Not intended for a younger audience, or for people who cant take a joke. if you are either. Eff Off Eh.


Great magic ball

Fortune Teller to Go

Fortune teller to go

Decision maker appdroid

Shake it and read it before taking any decision . How to take true decision Just close your eyes , shake your mobile , before seeing it try to think which option should be come . Don't believe whatever option comes on this app but choose the option that you want to choose .

Fortune Teller Magic Ball


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Magic 8 Ball Fortune

Create a short description of your app: Here you should write two or three sentences about how great your app is. Describe the experience your app gives: Tell your users how fun/helpful it is. Features: • Write here the first great feature of your app • Add another feature • And one more feature • you should add at least 5 features _____________________________________ Use line separator to divide paragraphs. Add here some info about your company or you as

Best decision

This app is for take decisions when you doughted about some thing! Features: • This is simply super app • Add another feature • And one more feature • you should add at least 5 features _____________________________________ Use line separator to divide paragraphs. Add here some info about your company or you as a developer. _____________________________________ Provide links to related resources here _____________________________________ Provide legal in

Buddylist Magic 8 Ball

Buddylist magic 8 ball is basically what it sounds like. Tap the 8 ball and see what answer you get. For entertainment purposes only.

Predict My Future

Predict My Future is a fun app to use for fun only. Just ask a question and click the Eight Ball for the answer. Predict My Future answers are not meant to be taken seriously. This is just a fun game app. Features: • Click for answers. • Unlimited and unpredictable answers _____________________________________ Created for fun game use only.. _____________________________________

Вы можете задать вопрос и потрясти телефон или нажать на стрелку слева, чтоб получить совет. Или просто узнать что-то новое и мотивирующее... В приложении собраны красивые цитаты, мысли и афоризмы великих людей, на все случаи жизни в цитатник. Данные цитаты, высказывания можно использовать для своего статуса. И также есть цитаты о любви и бизнес-цитаты. Очень надеемся, что это приложение изменит Вашу жизнь в лучшую сторону. Будем очень признательны за оценки и комментарии. Если хотите изм

The Predictor

The Predictor is an app that will predict anything. You can use it to troll your friends and pretend you are a psychic. Active it by taping your device screen. This is a prank app and and will not actually predict anything.


A virtual girlfriend that responds to your touch! Features: • Over 20 phrases! • Hot anime style gal! • Always says what you want to hear! • The only virtual girlfriend app with sensuality! _____________________________________


A virtual boyfriend that responds to your touch! Features: • Over 20 phrases! • Hot anime style guy! • Always says what you want to hear! • The only virutal boyfriend app with sensuality! _____________________________________ Coming soon: TouchGirl



Amharic 100 bible verses

ይህ 150+ የመጸሀፍ ቅዱስ አበረታችና መካሪ ጥቅሶች በማንኛውም ሰዓት በቀላሉ በስማርት ስልኮች ላይ እንድናነባቸው ተደርጎ የተሰራ ነው:: አፕልኬሽኑን ከፍተን ስልካችንን ስናነቃንቀው (ሼክ) ስናደርግ ጥቅሶቹን ከነ ምዕራፍና ቁጥራቸው (randomly) በመቀያየር እያወጣ እንድናነባቸው ያደርጋል:: እጀግ ቀላልና ማንኛውም ሰው ሊጠቀምበት የሚገባ ስራ ነው:: Features: • ተጨማሪ ጥቅሶች በየግዜው • በሁሉም የአንድሮይድ ቨርዠን ይሰራል • ብዙ ቦታ አይዝም • በቀላል እንቅስቃሴ ጥቅሶችን ይቀይራል * ሁሌም ያለ ኢንተርኔት በያትኛውም ስፍራና ሰአት የምንናገረው ቃል ነው _____________________________________ TRUE WAY ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ለዘላለም ህይወት እውነተኛና አማራጭ የሌለው መንገድ መሆኑን መመስከር፤

Ball that Knows Everything


Preguntale lo que quieras y despues agita el telefono para la respuesta

Supreme Magic 8 Ball

Original Classic Magic 8 Ball, Magic eight ball, 8 Ball Magic: ask your questions, get answers. Concentrate on your question and ask the magic 8 ball. 8 ball magic gives you answers on what you want in one click.


Ask a question and let the magic ball tell you all!

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