Nicki Minaj

Match all the pictures to clear levels

Color Pop Frenzy

Combine like-colored balls into groups greater than two, then blast them away! This game gets strategically harder, while adding more colors and spreading out their groupings, making this a must have for anyone who likes a challenege. Make sure you get the upper-hand on all your friends, Download Now, and get the highest score possible. Oh, and all the bragging rights!

Pokemon Dash

This game is about pokemon charecters


Nice Halloween Puzzle Game For Free Do you want to make a good test for the strength of the memory for you? Yes, you're here in the right place !!

Puzzle game



Balon Patlatma Oyunu

2 veya daha fazla komşu balonu seçin ve patlat! Komşu balonların sayısı ne kadar artarsa o kadar çok puan kazanırsın.

JW Matching Puzzle


Sort The Farm

"Sort the Farm" is a time killer game, amusing and very addictive. Not difficoult at all. What you have to do is try to match the frarm animals to clear the level. It has several levels and you must be able to clear all the animals to pass. You have three lives, and even if is quite easy, every level becomes a little bit harder as normal. If you don´t want the sound, you can take it off, clicking on the sound button. Not much to say about it, just have a try and enjoy it.

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