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Sermonsa Resource

The app provides access to the sermons of Ian Lyall. This collection has been available as a freeware on the internet for some time and been taken up quite well. There is little of this otherwise available Sermon files now mobile-friendly

Nexa Android Guide

A guide to the Android 4.1 operating System



4G Speed Up Internet Browser

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3G Internet Browser

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2G Fast Browser

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Anglican Spirituality

A collection of prayers, daily offices, creeds and help in developing and maintaining the devotional life of a Christian. Whilst many Christians will find these resources helpful, they have been developed with those within the Anglican tradition

Twilight Series

Twilight Series

Complete Starbucks Secret Menu

Delicious Starbucks drinks that you never knew existed! This collection of drinks, frappuccinos, and teas have been created by Starbucks Baristas and connoisseurs from all over the world! Not all Baristas will be familiar with these drinks, so be sure to include the recipe when ordering.

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